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    Mumbai 2013

    Samara India Bearing Pvt. Ltd. Participated in INDIA STEEL EXPO organized by FICCI in Mumbai, on 11th , 12th , 13th April 2013.

    Raipur 2013

    Samara India Bearing Pvt. Ltd. inaugurated & participated for the Second time in IndiaMart's 4th NATIONAL Steel & Power EXPO in Raipur, India on the 11th, 12th&13th January, 2013.

    China 2012

    Samara India Bearing Pvt.Ltd. participated in the CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEARING INDUSTRIES EXHIBITION on the 20th, 21st, 22nd& 23rd of Septempber 2012.

    Bangaluru 2011

    Samara India Bearing Pvt. Ltd. participated in the annual MDA (Motion, Drive & Automation) edition of Exhibitions in Bangalooroo, India on the 6th, 7th,8th& 9th December, 2011.

    Delhi 2011

    Samara India Bearing Pvt. Ltd. organized Inter School Cricket Match between Delhi’s top schools.

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About Us

We Samara India Bearing Pvt. Ltd., India represents one of the world biggest manufacturers of Tapered, Cylindrical & Spherical Roller Bearings and Large Dia Non Standard Bearings with the Diameter Up to 4500 MM.  Plant produces Non Standard Bearings with latest GOST standards as well as bearing analogue of European GB/ISO standards. Currently GROUP works with clients from more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa , Asia and America.


  • Wide range of bearings
  • Short delivery time
  • The Qualified Bearing Support Engineers
  • Good quality product
  • Competitive prices

(Brief History about the Plant )
In 1935 On December 26 at 15'0 Clock factory hooter has notified workers that the factory has entered number of the operating enterprise of theUSSRi.e. beginning of State Bearing Factory 

1941-1945 - made 2 million bearings providing annual maintenance of 30 thousand armored vehicles, 630 thousand aircrafts, 260 thousand automobile.
The  State Bearing Factory  was awarded the order Lenin, 5 000 workers were awarded by medals, for
merits in maintenance of the Soviet Army and Navy fleet in the Great Patriotic War
1950 - The first bearing of diameter of 500mm had been produced in super large-sized bearings shop

1968 - First in the country bearings of diameter 3-5 meters was produced by Bearing factory 
Orders for super large-sized bearings began to arrive from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria,GDR and other countries
of Europe.
1971 - First stage of the big reconstruction of the plant. The work of Stamping rollers shop was completely reorganized to
make a full operation cycle of rollers resulting sharp improvement in quality of products.

1980 - In the new shop, "Forge-press", first automatic transfer lines of induction heating of preparations were installed.
1985 -  State Bearing Factory has been awarded the order a Patriotic War of first degree. On the eve of the 40
anniversary of theVictory of the Soviet people over fascism